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Make it easy

My husband, Joe, does not eat a lot of vegetables but he is a healthy person, works out, drinks his protein shakes and watches what he eats 90% of the time. He likes vegetables, I should say he mostly likes broccoli. Of course there is a but coming – I buy it, he does not eat it, fresh or frozen. Through trial and failure I finally succeeded – frozen packs of broccoli and cheese and I made it the first time for him. Not only did he see how easy it was to make he LOVED it! I am so excited, so I will be buying more of those.

Along with the broccoli with cheese thing I found I was found frozen pureed squash – I finally made it! I cooked with with peas and then added some cayeene pepper and a slice of cheese – YUM! Not sure there are a lot of others who would like it but I did.

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