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Meet our Puppy!

Well, I know that I have sent you all pictures but here is a little background. Cayman was surrendered with her 8 puppies shortly after birth. She was then put into a foster home with a dog and cat. She is very calm and friendly with the neighborhood kids. Everyone who meets her loves her and can not believe how calm she is. Frequently you can find her laying on the couch next to JoeG, they make quiet a pair!

She was spaid on Monday and is moving very slowly and a little out of it, but we still love her!


Vegas Baby Part 2

Well, Here are a couple more classic moments:

She lost her top! Yikes!

Don't you just love digital cameras?!

Look at me.... look at me... If you have not seen Defending a caveman you should, it will enlighten you on how men and women communicate.


Vegas Baby

Awhile ago 2 couples started talking about a couples get away and it finally came true - and we let loose! So we can look at some pics that will tell the story.

Here are the six main characters of the story:

The first night we ended up at Margarittaville - and I think we had fun - check us out:

Did anyone win? Yes!!

Look for VegasBaby Part 2

House Update

Well, it's been a long time since I have updated this blog. It might have something to do with the fact I have not had any internet access and had no idea where my camera charger was. So let's show you some pics!