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Tips from co-workers: first round

I work in an environment that is very supportive of living a healthy lifestyle, I get lots of tips from my co-workers.

Tips from co-workers:
1. Egg beaters – I like the ones from TJ’s because they’re cheap and they are yellow so they look like eggs. You can microwave them if you don’t mind the “scrambled” approach but I also make omelets with them (with lots of veggies and a little 2% shredded cheese) on the weekends and sometimes for dinner. 30 cals per serving!
2. Sugar free pudding or Jell-o. The pudding only has 60 calories and no carbs and the dark chocolate ones are pretty tasty.
3. Frozen veggies with cheese sauce – they’re expensive but pretty tasty and easy and come in single servings...the broccoli and cheese is only 60 calories
4. Lemon and olive oil with salt and pepper as a salad dressing...lighter and healthier than store-bought salad dressing
5. That breaded chicken from trader joes in the frozen section. Does wonders for salads and is very easy to make.
6. Salmon from costco, cut into pieces and freeze. Broil with lemon pepper, 5 min. a side.
7. Baked asparagus with lemon, salt, olive oil and a little parm.
8. Ginger dressing from jewel, comes in light.

What tips or questions do you have?

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