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Vegas 2009


So here we are a couple weeks from Vegas and some of you have never met before. This is the easiest way to introduce everyone. I thought I would explain the connections between everyone and a little history on this Vegas trip.

This will be the third year for the Gidley's and Villari's, second year for Palka's and Frodyma's and the first year for the Urech's, Czopek's and Ang's cousin.

Pictures - believe it or not we don't take many pictures, usually on the plane ride there and back and that is about it....unless you go do something off premises like shooting a gun or something.

Most days we wake up early, have breakfast, find a place at the pool, drink (some of us bring our own) and find a place to go dancing or gambling. Some of us venture out to shoot guns, go shopping, maybe ATV this year (I know Bob wants to), rent a sports car (don't think about it JoeG) - basically find someone who wants to do what you want to and go do it! Have fun!

Organizing us all to do everything together is impossible, let's just text and hopefully we can connect at the pool to talk about the night. Now let's give you a little info on everyone going:

Joe and Sarabeth Gidley - We have been married for 3 years. Now for the group connections, my brother is Dave Urech who is married to Stephanie Wiliams who has invited her sister Kim. I actually went to JR High with Kim Williams-Czopek. JoeG has known Brian Villari for 30 years, Tracey for 20 years and works with Brian which is why we moved back from WI. Bob Palka is "our guy", yes - we know a guy. Hotel bound around noon Wed.

Brian and Tracey Villari - Brain and Tracey have 3 kids and 1 dog, live across from Ang and Erik and met Giuliana and Bob at pre-school through their kids. Hotel bound around noon Wed.

Ang and Erik Frodyma - Have 2 kids, 1 dog and invited they Ang's cousin this year, which I am figuring they have known each other for awhile. Hotel bound around noon Wed.

Giuliana (aka G) and Bob Palka - Have 2 kids and 1 cat, Bob the contractor extrodianaire has done lots of updates on our house. Hotel bound around noon Wed.

Dave and Stephanie - have 1 wolf (ok it's a dog) have known each other since high school, been married for 1 year and Stephanie is by far the youngest member of the Vegas crew.]

Kim and Chris - have 2 kids, 1 dog, been married for ten plus years.

Kim and Brad Bettenhausen - have 3 kids, 3 cats and been married for 18 years.Hotel bound around noon Wed.

Please make a comment to add anything to your description, try and recruit people to an activity you want to do, restaurants you want to go to or just general excited-ness for the big group trip.


A Soda Pop - I LOVE

This is very hard for me to say but I really like this soda MASH. It is as healthy as a soda can be with little sugar and lots of taste. I found it at Potbelly's on LaSalle - SO GOOD. If you see it try it - I am a big water pusher, but this was really good. I just might have to go back and JUST buy the soda without the sandwich - seriously.