What is this?


Albuqurque NM

Well, I was there for work and we went out for Mexican 0 YUM! I wanted a light beer so I tried this, it was ok. What was better is that after I posted this picture on my FB one of my friends suggested a microbrew right up the way. I LOVED IT! I got a growler.


Rock Bottom - Rye IPA

During the warmer months Joe and I go to Rock Bottom and I had to try this because it sounded interesting. I thought it was a little dark for an IPA but overall hoppy from beginning to finish.

The best if the Mug Club, you must get it - its FREE! And you get free stuff. So do it!


Homewood Flossmoor Station

Ok, so I guess I am officially a beer snob. I went to the Flossmore Station knowing that I would get some decent beer and decent food but what I did not expect is the waitress bringing out the snob in me.

I enjoy an unfiltered, blonde in color beer. So when I asked if it was filtered and she responded with the attitude "no microbrews are filtered" I felt the need to correct her. I mean - clearly from this picture you can see it is not filtered - but some of the beer in the tasting glasses are.

I enjoyed the blonde, unfillered Gandy Dancer Honey Ale - I would recommend this place for a happy hour but not a dinner date.

Riverwest Stein and a fire

Riverwest Stein is a staple! A must have, not many people don't enjoy this beer. I am a big fan of Lakefront - HUGE, it might be because I was the BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER! That fact aside, this is an amber lager which is well balanced between malt and hopps. Very balanced and LOVELY.

Webinar: How to do it well

The commercials are everywhere! "Hold a meeting from home!" "Meet with people around the world!" Those claims make it sound easy, well it is not! I believe with proper training and preparation most can do it well - but it takes practices. I have seen the best face-to-face presenters get frightened and bomb during a webinar. I have helped presenters become comfortable and deliver engaging presentations from a remote location. Of course first thing is first, choose the best webinar software for your purposes, target audience, use and platform.

Need help? Send me an email: sarabethu@yahoo.com


I work for a small company with alot of projects. We needed a way to communicate what projects were going on and key milestones. There are many project management software's out there, you pf course like with any software need to figure out your needs before making a commitment. I believe is testing it out with a couple people who will be using it daily before signing a contract.



Sending out survey is so last season. What you really want to know is - do you like or not? IdeaScale can do that for you. It's like getting a bunch of people in a room and getting a bunch of thumbs up or thumbs down. It's great! Now, it is not totally easy - you need to do a little homework, market it and make it super intuitive for your target audience.

Can you do it? Go check out IdeaScale.com.

Scatterbug confession


I am sorry for moving things but I needed to. But life is all about adjustments, whether it be technology or a healthy lifestyle. For example, I was traveling last week in Phoenix and I was so proud of myself for getting up every morning to work out! BUT we ate out every night and every lunch and instead of being a good girl and ordering salad - I ate big meals. Ya know what - THEY WERE ALL WORTH IT! I felt a little guilt and then I checked myself - that is why I work out, so I can enjoy these times of gluttony.

Now back to home cooked small meals all day long, I really missed it and so did my body.