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Good Grades = Tax Credit

Ok - So I have worked in a couple different districts and it is obvious to me (and I am sure others) that when parents are involved their kids do better in school. I am not sure if you are aware, but there are parents out there that don't take their job as a parent very seriously. Who knew parenting was going to be hard? UM HELLO?! You made the choice to have sex, the choice to have a child so take on the responsibility. If they do not want to take on this responsibility then they should not be able to get any tax credit. More paperwork - but if the parents are not helping their kids get a C average or above then they are not parenting! Its not just teachers doing their job, the parents have to back the school and make their child realize how important it is!


House Update

Well, we had our first advertised open house and it was GREAT. We had 6 people come through and one who was very interested in buying it, but that has not happened. We are hoping to sell it so we can move out in June. We are not in a huge hurry but the sooner the better. As far as our next house, we are looking in downtown Tinley Park and that area in general. Joe's job is in that area and there is enough highway access for any job that I might get. I have started to broaden my search outside of education to consulting firms.

Well, that is our update...alot can happen and alot of change will happen in the next couple months!