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A healthy lifestyle

Some would think that going on a diet IS choosing a healthy lifestyle - not me. To me, there is a HUGE difference. I would never suggest to someone to go ON a diet, diets imply rules - can and cannots. Rules are difficult to follow, how do I know? I have tried many diets and failed miserably, which is a horrible feeling. Failure can be a good thing, a chance to learn something new, be reflective and honest with yourself - and creates a point to improve from. It took a very honest voice in my head to realize that I needed to make health a priority in my life, which meant many changes. I tried to break the change in small segments that would allow a little bit of change at a time - change is hard.

First of all, I focused on my diet (what I was eating). Instead of eating out I started cooking at home, bringing my lunch to work and finding healthy snacks. Once I thought I had that down, I started a food journal - YIKES, here comes that honest voice in my head again. I used my food journal to figure out how many calories I was taking in, when I looked at my exercise I realized that I was not going to loose weight if I did not use up more of the calories through cardio and weight training.

This is where I hit a snag, because of my situation (working full time, working on my masters, trying to sell a house, taking care of the dog and my husband living in another state) I did not feel like I had the time or energy to work out. So I did what I thought I could - walk the dog, get to the gym 1x a week and try to eat healthy. When I look back I realize that I was making excuses, I would have had more energy if I would have worked out - if I only had the motivation.

Today, health is not only a priority to me, but also my family, my husband and my co-workers - WHOAH does that make a difference. I am not sure how this happened, if it was me inspiring those around me or being inspired by those around me - I tend to believe it is about 50/50. Point being, I have been able to be successful because of my support network and their decision to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Have you chosen a healthy lifestyle? Are you having challenges?

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