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Demo Starts

Hello! My g-ma is out and moved into her new place, I think that she is adjusting allthough now she has alot more visitors. My parents (I should say angels) stayed in the house this weekend and went to town! Carpet is up, wall paper is down and neighbors know we are moving in! My parents got Joe one of those push mowers - no gas or electric, GO GREEN! So that gave him a bit of a work out on Sunday. I helped pull wallpaper and pry vinly off of the hardwood floor. We are plannning to get it painted and the floors done by the end of the month. I hope that we get some visitors after that. Those of you interested in attending a painting party or a moving party please let me know :)


Change in Education

As I get through another year of teaching I start to realize why there are so many older teachers - because the new ones get used, abused and cut! I can not help but compare the education world to the business world. In this business world, you are constantly trying to gain a new skill, get better, improve your "product" - so you can move up, get respected and keep your job. On the other hand, in education all you have to do is stay around long enough to get tenure and then BAM your safe! Then you don't have to get better - but some get BITTER! I am a little irritated with how teachers get complacent accept the status quo of deliver information and hope for the best. Todays child is full of energy and sitting in a classroom is not the way they learn. GRR....


Moving in SOON

Well! May 25 is the day that my grandma will be out and living at her new place - WOW, June will be spent making the place our own! We are very excited! We have to be out of our place by June 30th, NP! No need to stay with those freekin aliens! grrr... We will have alot of painting to be done so if you are interested let us know.