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Snowing in April

Well, we are into April and it has snowed twice!! We did have some good weather, Joe even got the bike in and home for a tune up and work done at the local HD dealer. Not alot of excitement in the Gidley household, Joe painted the bathroom orange (looks awesome) and I think that is the last room we really need to paint - plus he needs a painting break.

Some idiot (drunka**) took out our beautiful iron mailbox one Saturday night, we are sure it did major damage to their car. We are going to replace it with a brick one, that will stop them dead in their tracks!

Cayman is excited about the weather, she has figured out all the spots in the house she can lay in the sun and at what time.

Mom and Dad Urech have gotten home from Florida and Milwaukee - its hard to keep up with them, if they only had a blog.

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