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Challenges at work, is it worth it?

I work in an office which is full of very healthy people who compete is marathons, triathlons, discuss new workout routines and don’t get me started on how much we talk about healthy food. Of course there are a few who like to tempt you to sway from your daily healthy food routine. For example, there is a man in the office who brought in a machine called the “Hot Diggity Dogger” which cooks a hotdog, warms the bun and fills the office with free smells that make you feel like you are at a ball game – JERK. Then there are others who are MASTER bakers and bring in their yummy goodness treats to share (because they would not want to eat it all on their own at home). Last but not least, the birthday celebrations – sugar GALORE! Somethings I have tremendous willpower but others exploit my weakness.

Its hard, but the high quality beer I drink on the weekend is worth all the unhealthy stuff I passed up during the week.

Overall - Pick your indulgence and savor every inch or ounce of it.

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