What is this?


This is impossible, I have no time!

Ok, this is a common excuse for not exercising or being active - let me share with you some solutions I have heard from people:

  • I started walking the stairs, 4 flights up to see my boss and I do that a couple times a day.
  • Now that it is nice out I am going to ride my bike to work, that is 5 miles there and back so in a month I could possibly ride 200 miles!
  • When I go to the mall I park far away from the entrance so I have to walk further instead of looking for the closest parking spot.
  • When I am waiting for my kids at karate I go for a walk, makes the time go by and I get some exercise.
For myself, I have figured out that I can not work-out after work - I have tried and it does not work. So I get up at 4:30am (that is when my alarm goes off) and work out form 5am-6am, get ready at the gym and then make the 6:50 train. This works for me, but it is not for everyone. I even manage to drink a protein shake from the gym to the train to refuel my body. I only arrived at this solution because I did alot of reflection and was brutally honest with myself. This is not easy - but you can do it!

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