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Technology in the Schools

Last week I attended a conference about using technology as a teaching aide, for student projects, or professional development for teachers at the elementary and secondary school level. Being a technology enthusiast myself, I was excited to look at all the neat tools available through the various vendors, technology has come a long way since I was in school. As I was "geeking" out about the new tools I had a moment of clarity - what schools can afford these tools? Not many. I know this for a fact because I was a teacher and tried to integrate technology and was faced with many roadblocks.

As I attended the morning sessions and put all of my observations together I realized how important my poster session is: Speaking Native (no computers necessary). It's time for my poster session. As I put together my display and waited for people to come and inquire more information I realized this was the moment of truth - do teachers have problems accessing technology? YES!! Many teachers stopped by, wanted more information and took one or more copies of my handouts. This is just the beginning, let's start the adventure of how to use technology without computers.


Motivation DURING a workout...its easy

Of course I can not say this will work for everyone but it does for me. Some people are motivated by getting on the scale, I do not. I like to see and feel my body change - by trying on those "skinny" jeans. It's my best measure. I have been working my but off for 1.5 years and I have not dropped a SINGLE pound! BUT I have dropped 3 pant sizes - that is an accomplishment.

Back to motivation during a workout - look at your waterbottle. The ounces on the side of the waterbottle is usually in the same increments of women's pant sizes. I just keep looking at that next number...I can do it!

Men - I am not sure how to help you, most men I have talked to do not need more than a quick look in the mirror with your shirt off.

Good luck, stay focused and find activities and food that work for you.


Gotta Google Yourself

One of my favorite part-time jobs was being a tour guide at Lakefront Brewery while I was a teacher in Wisconsin. Every tour was a challenge because of who was in the crowd, sometimes there were beer enthusiasts, but not always. My goal was to get everyone to laugh and have a good time while I told them a little bit about how to make beer and what our company was all about. Every tour at Lakefront is a little different but since we were known as the best tour in Milwaukee every tour had to be good. Here is what one columnist, Mark Shuman from the Daily Herald, wrote about me:

While dispersing technical information about hops, yeast and grain, Lakefront tour guide Sarabeth Gidley was also a Santa Claus of beer samples. A middle-school teacher by day, her crowd-control skills no doubt came in handy.

"Anyone already been on the Miller's tour?" Gidley asked. A sheepish few offered hands. "They have a video and they have a lot of stats, but YOU GET ME!" she said. Promising to dance if we sang, Gidley started a tape and pointed to a cue card with a stick.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Schlmeel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!"



Fashion epiphany

Over the years I have battled with my wardrobe for many reasons but I think that I am starting to be honest with myself about what my wardrobe should consist of. I have categorized the areas of fashion I have wrestled with:

1. Cost - I just don't like to spend alot of money on clothes, but I have realized that if I expect something to fit well and last a long time I need to spend money on it. I am still battling with this a bit, but I do look for well made clothes more and I don't just trust the brand name for clothing construction.
2. Body type - I am a pear (baby got back) so I have finally embraced it. I buy clothes that fit my body type instead of trying to fit into the latest trends that are obviously not for my body type.

3. Cohesiveness - I got SO sick of having pieces that only coordinated with a couple other pieces in my closet. Although I have not gotten rid of the random pieces entirely but I have tried to be more creative with my "odd" pieces and not buy to many odd balls.

4. Professional - I have to look professional at work, always, even if I am casual - I just can not risk someone not taking me seriously because of the way I am dressed. Working in a casual environment does make this difficult but I do it anyways (most of the time).

5. Color - Stay away from pastels and stick with rich colors like jewel tones.


Local Acre

Well, I have to say after being disappointed for awhile I am back on the "I love Lakefront" band wagon. The new beer just released is SMOOTH, lots of flavor without being too complex. I am sure the hop heads will not be satisfied - but I am. I am a HUGE Cream City Pale Ale fan, but since it was changed I have to say this one is NOW MY FAVORITE. Love, love, love it

worth the calories


Albuqurque NM

Well, I was there for work and we went out for Mexican 0 YUM! I wanted a light beer so I tried this, it was ok. What was better is that after I posted this picture on my FB one of my friends suggested a microbrew right up the way. I LOVED IT! I got a growler.


Rock Bottom - Rye IPA

During the warmer months Joe and I go to Rock Bottom and I had to try this because it sounded interesting. I thought it was a little dark for an IPA but overall hoppy from beginning to finish.

The best if the Mug Club, you must get it - its FREE! And you get free stuff. So do it!