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Technology in the Schools

Last week I attended a conference about using technology as a teaching aide, for student projects, or professional development for teachers at the elementary and secondary school level. Being a technology enthusiast myself, I was excited to look at all the neat tools available through the various vendors, technology has come a long way since I was in school. As I was "geeking" out about the new tools I had a moment of clarity - what schools can afford these tools? Not many. I know this for a fact because I was a teacher and tried to integrate technology and was faced with many roadblocks.

As I attended the morning sessions and put all of my observations together I realized how important my poster session is: Speaking Native (no computers necessary). It's time for my poster session. As I put together my display and waited for people to come and inquire more information I realized this was the moment of truth - do teachers have problems accessing technology? YES!! Many teachers stopped by, wanted more information and took one or more copies of my handouts. This is just the beginning, let's start the adventure of how to use technology without computers.

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PatsCards said...

Not sure I follow. How do you take advantage of technology without using a computer? Having access to the computer seems like it would allow the student to be able to access technology.

To me, it seems like there is a lot of "know what" instead of "know how" without having access to the computer. Maybe I'm missing something, let me know.