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Motivation DURING a workout...its easy

Of course I can not say this will work for everyone but it does for me. Some people are motivated by getting on the scale, I do not. I like to see and feel my body change - by trying on those "skinny" jeans. It's my best measure. I have been working my but off for 1.5 years and I have not dropped a SINGLE pound! BUT I have dropped 3 pant sizes - that is an accomplishment.

Back to motivation during a workout - look at your waterbottle. The ounces on the side of the waterbottle is usually in the same increments of women's pant sizes. I just keep looking at that next number...I can do it!

Men - I am not sure how to help you, most men I have talked to do not need more than a quick look in the mirror with your shirt off.

Good luck, stay focused and find activities and food that work for you.

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PatsCards said...

For men, you have to use the old tried and true method of tying a chicken wing to a long pole that sticks the chicken wing out in front of them. The chasing will make the guy work harder to get the chicken wing...or a chick with a nice butt.