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Fashion epiphany

Over the years I have battled with my wardrobe for many reasons but I think that I am starting to be honest with myself about what my wardrobe should consist of. I have categorized the areas of fashion I have wrestled with:

1. Cost - I just don't like to spend alot of money on clothes, but I have realized that if I expect something to fit well and last a long time I need to spend money on it. I am still battling with this a bit, but I do look for well made clothes more and I don't just trust the brand name for clothing construction.
2. Body type - I am a pear (baby got back) so I have finally embraced it. I buy clothes that fit my body type instead of trying to fit into the latest trends that are obviously not for my body type.

3. Cohesiveness - I got SO sick of having pieces that only coordinated with a couple other pieces in my closet. Although I have not gotten rid of the random pieces entirely but I have tried to be more creative with my "odd" pieces and not buy to many odd balls.

4. Professional - I have to look professional at work, always, even if I am casual - I just can not risk someone not taking me seriously because of the way I am dressed. Working in a casual environment does make this difficult but I do it anyways (most of the time).

5. Color - Stay away from pastels and stick with rich colors like jewel tones.

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PatsCards said...

" have to look professional at work, always..."

So that's why you wear multi-colored socks with cows on them. Now the train folks are making fun of your clothes online too.