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Are teachers not trusted?

Ok - So tonight I went to a parent input meeting where the parents were able to give some feedback on the schedule that we are proposing for next year. In the past, parent input was not asked for, but this year it is (not so sure it was a good thing). I sat and listened to many comments being made, some which were personally attacking my subject area and realized that the parents need to be educated on some more basics of the education process. How are parents suppose to understand a new schedule when they don't know what we do in a days work? Plus alot of their information comes from their child, hmmm... do we think that could be skewed at all?

Overall, I felt that the parents did not trust that the teachers and administration had the knowledge or intelligence to create a scheudle that worked for everyone including the kids. It's a little difficult to take, but WHATEVER, if there is another listening session I will open my mouth more.


BScheibach said...

I totally agree with you... in the last few weeks we to have taken a "beating" by the parents of the high school. I can see how many administrators want to be viewed as "open" and "listening" to the parents but this doesn't mean giving them free reigns. If parents are not told they have input, but the teachers and admin have the final say, parents quickly learn they have more perceived power than they really should. What they do with that in the future is dangerous.

We should definately have open ears but parents must leave the final decisions to the professionals . . . US.

Keep up the fight, take back the schools, teachers are professionals and parents should know their role.

DH said...

It is really scarry to think that teachers are almost considered the "ENEMY" We try all that we can do to make sure that kids learn some of the items they need to have later in life, and we are not doing enought. Too often it is our fault for events, or actions that the student does. I think that more often then not, the parents need to start taking some of the blame.