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January - Good Start to 2009

Started the year off great, we are making healthy lifestyle changes and it is paying off. What kind of changes? Protein shakes, more vegetables, lean meats (well for Joe - I am not eating many animal proteins these days). Out Friday night date is at the gym, swimming about 500yds or so. Joe has an easier schedule to fit in the gym, I get up 4:45am T-Th to work out. On the weekends though there are some cardio-kickboxing classes and spin that I alternate going to. Of course Sat night is our cheat night, being good all week has to have some benefits.

We had an open house in January, I know I need to add some pictures of the house - I will! Joe keeps painting so that is my excuse since I have to put up the most recent pictures :). At the end of January we were in a family poker tournament and I made the final table - WOOHOO, I am learning. Joe won our money back in a side game - we're a good team.

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