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Honey Lemon Vodka

I was really excited to hear that Great Lakes Distillery moved their location to the southside of Milwaukee and started public tours. I would suggest it to EVERYONE, the tour was filled with history and distilling knowledge - along with a sneak peak of products yet to hit the shelf. This is the first distillery since prohibition so they are battling old laws and winning! One law they have not been able to change is offering samplings to their guests, but they have built rapport with the hotel across the street (The Iron Horse) which in itself is an interesting place to visit and are able to provide samples in their establishment.

Now let's get down to business, we were offered 3 samples Vodka, Honey Lemon Vodka and Gin. I have always been a Gin kinda gal, but I have to say my favorite was the Honey Lemon - I could actually drink it on the rocks it was so smooth, with a balanced flavor which was not over powering. Some of you might be skeptical - but this vodka is made with Honey from WI and they HAND ZEST all of the lemons. This is the benefit of a small distillery expensive ingredients, taste distilled and small batches. Where can you get it? You can order it from Binny's, visit Discount Liqours in Milwaukee area or just check out their website to find a place near you (or find a tasting they are doing in your local tavern).

Overall - so smooth it's dangerous if I had some I wouldn't share (I might even hide it from my husband).

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