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Magners - Irish Cider

Well, I was at Teehans in downtown Tinley Park, IL and I saw a tap handle I did not recognize - Magners. So of course I need to ask about it, I was not thrilled about the answer, it was an Irish Cider. Cider? Really? Irish? I do not claim to be knowledeable about cider so take my thoughts with a grain of malt - but it was really sweet with a undesirable after taste. A positive? The color was nice...

The company has been distributing for 5 years and have become very popular and currently resides in 14 markets. If you are a cider buff, it is worth checking out, I guess - but I will not be giving it a second drink.

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PatsCards said...

I can't agree with you more. Cider just dosen't do it for me. Might as well be apple juice and vodka.