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I am no K-12 teacher

OK...well... I have come to the realization that I love education, I love teaching - but NOT teaching K-12. You have to have be a special person to be a K-12 teacher, it is difficult. First of all, you have the students who after the 7th grade start trying to become individuals and sometimes that includes being disrespectful to adults. What is interesting is that sometimes you get to meet the parents of these students and I find it disturbing how much the apple does NOT fall from the tree. Sometimes the parents will say, "I'm trying everything" of course you can not dispute this but REALLY??? You've tried EVERYTHING?! Why does your child still have a PSP? a cellphone? out with friends? REALLY???!!!! Of course a teacher would never try and give parenting advice, but if you are lucky you do get teaching advise from parents. For example, "What ever you are doing is not working" What I am doing? You are the parent, with all the power. As a parent you can take things away you can even HOLD YOUR CHILD BACK A GRADE - WOW...novel idea. Now grant it, there will be some teachers extremely upset with having to teach that child again - but you are actually DOING SOMETHING extreme to get your child's attention so he/she knows WHO'S THE BOSS...

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