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Streamlined Education

Since I have been in multiple districts I believe I have discovered something profound. This is the first district that after I was hired was sent a day by day plan of what is taught in each subject. When I arrived at the school I was shown where all the materials are - huh? You mean I do not have to create my own curriculum? Which I have done in 2 other districts, all together making 8-9 different curriculums from scratch. Insane? I agree. I have come to believe that EVERY subject should have a day by day plan created, that has associated standards and can be repeated every semester/year. That being said, once it is set up then the educator can update a unit each semester - which is much more manageable then an entire curriculum. SO, when new teachers come in they are not overwhelmed with creating a curriculum or what has been done in the past - all they have to do is get through their first year in a new district. Aside from teaching a new teacher has to worry about so many other administrative things let along just learning people's names and understanding the culture.

Now, there are teachers out there that would think I am insane and others that would agree. I have experienced both sides and since I am working with a standard curriculum I am able to contact parents, do more differentiated learning, deal with discipline issues better and the list goes on.

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