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Hello! My g-ma is out and moved into her new place, I think that she is adjusting allthough now she has alot more visitors. My parents (I should say angels) stayed in the house this weekend and went to town! Carpet is up, wall paper is down and neighbors know we are moving in! My parents got Joe one of those push mowers - no gas or electric, GO GREEN! So that gave him a bit of a work out on Sunday. I helped pull wallpaper and pry vinly off of the hardwood floor. We are plannning to get it painted and the floors done by the end of the month. I hope that we get some visitors after that. Those of you interested in attending a painting party or a moving party please let me know :)

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Megan said...

Congrats on the house! We would love to join in your painting party! We had one at our house and it was SOOO fun! We got the entire upstairs painted in a matter of hours :) Cheers! ~Megan