What is this?


The exiting months to come!

Ok, so we are going on vacation over "spring break" to the carribean! WOOHOO! And we are planning to spend a ton of time at Jimmy Buffet's margarittaville in Ochos Rios.

After we get back, we will start remodeling our new house by the end of April - we hope. We are exiting to get out of the apartment, I mean we can hear EVERYTHING they do upstairs! grrrr!

I am getting into bloggin because we are talking alot about it in my current masters class, yeah I am on my 4th class already since starting in August. Time flies! If you can imagine this I am going to be even more geeky by the end of the year!

Joe took the bike out the other day on the 70degree day, which reminds me I have to get a bike too!! It won't be a Harley but that is a goal someday.

See YA!

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