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Current Situation: Sb and JoeG

Welcome, I thought this would be a fun way to share news of what is going on. SO we're gonna try it...

Sb - Currently I am trying to settle into my new job at Greendale Middle and High School. Middle School is a first for me and I am learning how much a student grows over the summer between middle and high school, mostly from a maturity stand point. The High School is going great, I taught my class how to make PJ pants - it was great! Now I am beginning to sew more! Practice makes perfect, right?

Outside of school I am working on my Masters of Science - Instructional Technology which is challenging in an accelerated format. It's an accomplishment to learn VB is 8 weeks! I am also still working at Lakefront Brewery, which is truely my social outlet.

JoeG - Started his new position at Magnolia in Best Buy this last October and is geering up for the holiday season. Home theater is suppose to be in the "in" present this year. CNN has been talking alot about Magnoilia and giving it the thumbs up on progressive thinking in this area. BTW - Magnolia is a store within a store, high end home theater store within Best Buy.

Hope all is well with all of you!

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